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Planting of gooseberries

1. When to plant gooseberries?

Much like the currant, gooseberry gets early buds, and it is therefore better to plant it in the fall, but seedlings from containers can be planted throughout the year.

2. Where to plant?

Gooseberry requested medium heavy soil, well drained with the organic matter content of less than 1%. When choosing a place to grow gooseberries you should take account of the local circumstances. South and Southeast positions are better for the higher locations, and for the lower areas are best north and northwest. Gooseberries cannot stand very sandy soils and those that are highly permeable and warm. Gooseberry is a type that is resistant to cold and submits to – 30°C during winter dormancy. During summer it tolerates the high temperature better than berries.

3. How to plant?

The preparation of the land should start a year or two before planting in order to increase the content of organic matter in soil, harmonize soil acidity (if necessary), eliminate problems with weeds and provide adequate garden beds. Perennial weeds should be suppressed before planting. They can be controlled by intensive agricultural practices, although chemical agents give much better results. It is necessary to dig a hole measuring 40x40cm for planting. During spring planting, watering with 3 to 5l of water per seedling is important.

4. How to prune?

Pruning Berries is a specific and very important measure. Yield depends on it, fruit quality and longevity of the plantation. The main goal of pruning is a proper branch arrangement ,of certain age, which provides good ventilation and insolation of the entire bush. It is not desirable to eliminate the middle of the bush because it shortens the birth wood and reduces the yield. The bush should not have branches and trees older than four years. Cutting is done in a period of deep sleep, by the end of March. It must not be delayed, because the Currant buds develop quite early, are very swollen and easily crumbl.

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