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Planting of roses

1. When to plant roses?

The best time to plant roses is in the fall and in the spring. It is important that planting isn’t late neither in the fall nor in the spring. In late autumn planting (December), plants cannot take root, roots very easily suffer from rot, and above-ground parts from the low temperatures. While in planting May, seedlings have been herded into gear and for that they need more harder pruning and constant watering. Usually, seedlings planted in late spring can not take sufficient roots, and already high temperatures can destroy them in June. Therefore, the roses should be planted in the fall at the end of the growing season from mid-October to mid-November, and in the spring as soon as the strong spring frosts stops. The autumn planting has many advantages over spring: there is a better reception of seedlings and a longer term for planting.

2. What is the best place for planting?

It is important to know that roses prefer a place where there is enough light, but that does not mean that the plant must be exposed to the sun all day. It is also important to emphasize that there isn’t a rose that would grow beautifully and abundantly flourished in the shadows, and most certainly not under a tree. We must pay attention that the place where we plant roses has a good air flow, but not somewhere exposed to the high winds. Roses do not like places that retain moisture for too long because it favors the development of fungal diseases. If you are planning your rose garden in an area with plenty of Sun, air flow and plenty of room for a rose to “breathe freely” you can be sure that you are on the right track.

3. How to plant?

After preparation of seedlings, if you are unable to plant them immediately, you should put them in a bowl with water. The hole in which the roses are planted should be about 40 cm deep. Chop the soil and mix it with hummus and / or manure. Before planting slightly shorten the roots, remove damaged rootlets and gently sort them in the excavated hole. Place the seedlings in the middle of the hole, hold it with one hand and with the other pour ground evenly on the root, making sure that the grafted position does not remain above ground. When the hole is filled near the top, pour water generously and add the remaining soil. The place where the rose is grafted must be sunk into the ground, for about 3-4 cm. If the plant is planted too deep, the chances of its successful growth are little. If you plant it shallow, you can add it some soil later. When you done pouring the soil with your hands, carefully step around the plant.

4. At what distance do we plant?

t is ideal to plant plants so that they don’t touch each other. There are international norms that Polyantha roses are planted at a distance of 40 × 40 cm, Hybrid tea roses at 60 × 60 cm, and vines at a distance of two to three meters from one to another. Off course you can plant them at a larger distance, and the best would be at one meter from each other, especially if you have the space for it.

5. How to prune?

If the rose is fertilized well, throughout the year she will let sprouts and creates a lot of branches that, with the arrival of the winter, should be a little bit shortened so that they do not break from the wind and snow. True pruning it is only done in the spring. Before pruning we should take off the protective layer of soil around the roses that we put before the winter. It is important to note that the roses, when vegetation starts, at the top of the bush will have a lot of great sprouts that might at first sight seem delightful, but are sprouts of low quality and should be removed. You should pay attention to the lower buds, or so called sleeping buds, from which will grow quality floral branches. The method of pruning roses depends on its type.

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