Rose of Jericho

A plant old over four hundred million years. A plant that attracts the attention of scientists for hundreds of years. A plant that had survived the most horrible of a thousand-year long desert heat, fierce cold without even the least food or water droplets in the worst possible natural conditions where no living thing neither could or stayed alive.


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It would come to life in a couple of hours and in a very astonishing way


If you put the Rose of Jericho in a simple pot or plate with a little bit of water and if you also pour hot or boiling water on top of it, which would kill any other plant in normal conditions, this strange plant would open its curled “body” in a few hours and begin to live. In just a few hours rosette would open and turn green and after a maximum of one day it would completely be green and live normally like it has been like that for years. It would remain like that until you leave it without water again. Then it is ready again for the long term rest or “clinical death” that lasts for fifty, hundred or hundreds of years, depending on your desire to make it alive and green again. Of course you can “wake it up” whenever you want, no matter the season of the year, and with a bit of water it would again gladden you with its greenery and incredible life force and primarily with it its exceptional beauty. The legend says that Saint Mary, while fleeing from Nazareth into Egypt to save her son Jesus from carnage, “avenged” the plant and gave it eternal life. The Egyptians call it “Kaff Maryam” or “Mary’s balls,” Algerians call it “Id Fatima bint el Nabi”, or translated into our language “Hand of Fatima, Muhammad’s daughter”. It’s known throughout the world under the name “The plant that is reborn again”, which associates with reincarnation, or better said rebirth after death. It is considered as a symbol of centuries of life and power that nature can reward. Widespread belief throughout the world is that the house which holds a preserved rose of Jericho is blessed, happy and prosperous. The Rose of Jericho is actually simple, primitive desert plant that has been growing naturally for more than four hundred million years in Egypt, Syria, the Arab countries and Mexico. It doesn’t resemble a rose, but it is a plant with nice thick green branches covering each other, making some sort of a green carpet on a plate or shallow dish in which you hold it. What is also characteristic for this plant is that it cannot stand too long in the water because it would weaken its functions and would it slowly die. So if you have or get this plant, change her water often and after fifteen days it would be best to place it in a dry place where the plant could curl and “rest”, and you could revive it according to your desires. If you wish someone happiness, then this drab black and brown bundle is really one of the most beautiful gifts that would surely outlive many generations of those who get it, and in time it could become a sort of a family relics that would testify throughout generations with its life that we also lived once, and it would “carry forward” part of our existence to our distant descendants.

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