Tigridia is a genus of bulbous plants with simple or branchy stem, 30-70 centimeters in height. The leaves are long, much like gladioli leaves, and light green in color. Flowers are separate or clustered into groups of 2-3. The bloom has 6 petals, and the fruit is a cocoon. Tigridiapavonia originates from Central America – Mexico and Guatemala to be precise. This species of tigridia is most commonly cultivated. There are about 20 other that are mostly used when creating a hybrid. Bulbs are irregularly shaped, covered in dark brown, dry flakes. Flowers are 10-15 centimeters in diameter. The three external petals are big, of one color, usually bright red or purple-orange. The internal petals are small, narrow, and yellow-orange with a pattern. Tigridias like sunny and warm places, protected from wind, and well-drained, loose soil enriched with nutrient substances, pH neutral, or mildly acidic.


Pavonia Mix 145

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